Monday, February 16, 2009


As everyone knew that last weekend was Valentine day; well i did not have a date so i just mostly hung out with my girl Leanne she was with me all day long and I thank her for that..even though she had two guys who want her to spend time with them she stayed with me...

Well here is how are day started. she got much early then me because she kept getting phone calls from a lot of people.. i woke up around 11am chilled around the house for a few hours watching t.v. then LEE came into the front room telling me how her friend keep calling her on some fuck shit that she did not want to hear at all.. After that i started to flat iron my hair so i can at lease look cute for that day.. we decided to go to the movies to see Friday the 13th.. while we was buying our tickets we ran into another one of are friend and her family it we good because it was like the old days when we had girls night out... the movie was so good Jason did some things that u would nerve known that he had ever did before..

after the movies i drop Ashley off at home( her moms). me and Leanna did not ave any thing to do because we had to wait on Joe who was riding back to Newark with us so Leanna called up one of her friends and he ask her if she could meet her some where.. they met up he got her some goody if u know what i mean.. while they was in the car behind me i was stuck in the car all alone no one to talk to no nothing..

We went to get Joe and came home at like 2 in the morning.. even though i did not have a date for that night i still had fu with my girls.. you dig!!!

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