Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~~What is the Purpose of Blogging~~

Well blogging to me is simple; you can just talk about anything you want on a blog site. According to the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech), you can say whatever you want on a blog site. Blogging was fun, and a great experience. Whatever you post on blog a site is your opinion. Blogs are like open journals to the public. Anyone can make a blog site and keep putting up posts about whatever they want; it is their opinion. Blog site are made for people to communicate with one another on different topic. Therefore when someone blogs they are simply using a different source of communication tool.

Who can stop a blogger blogging his/her opinion? Well no really because everybody have that right to freedom of speech. Everyone blogs they just don’t know it. When ever get on MySpace, FaceBook your blogging. You’re communicating with your Friends, Classmate, and Colleague. Trying to stay up to day with everything, like what is happening in or around the City. Some people blog as a hobby and most just do it and don’t even know that they are blogging. When I first found out that I have been blogging for a long time, I did not believe it, because I when I started my blog own blog post on www.bloggers .com, I did not know how to blog, come to find out that I have been blogging ever since I was in middle school, isn’t that funny.

When you blog about different topic have also can comment on different blogs too. So you can tell what you think about that blog, what was interesting and anything else you want to say, it’s your opinion. Alyssa Gartner once said “blogging is a great way to express your feelings by writing small essay-like blog”. Blogs are more so like essay but much smaller and they have links and pictures, lots of pictures. It is not one blog out there on the web that you will not find pictures on, fewer words more pictures. The pictures give the reader more to look forward to, rather reading everything.

Blogs have this affect on the way people live, how they act, and some blogs might even affect different people’s culture. Blog sites are nothing more than someone writing their opinion about something. This can have an effect on how people live in this world today. Shannon once said “people use blogs to spread news around, for jobs, and just to check up on people’s daily lives.” When post a blog about a finding a job is easy you just have to know which site to post it on. People will stay up on blog site talk trash about someone else life. Who really care about how someone else is living, as long as you’re living your own life. Does it really matter to the rest of the world?

10 weeks ago, I thought, I would never wrote a blog post in my life. But now that I am somewhat getting the hang of blogging I would keep on writing on my blog topic and going online to read and comment on others blogs also. I was able to show the world how I feel about my friends. For most part of the quarter I wrote about my friendship, but toward the end of it I started to open my eyes up to different topics. That was a great experiences for me because I try to feel someone else shoes.

In conclusion, blogging can be use to simply express what is on your mind. Blogging is a source of communicating with the one around you and just staying up to date on different thing. Blogging is not made to a trash talk web site but some people be on there all night long talking trash about someone else live. Whenever you are looking for a new job try getting on a blog site to look for one, you might find something that catches your eyes.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Last w33k

well I guess I was not I could feel different about some one else writing on my blog and my topic because everyone has a friend that they want to tell people about and it was okay to me when someone else wrote about there friend on my blog.

I had to write on somebody else blog. it was fun to me because I know what to write about because I an OSU Student myself. I would like if more people would write about my blog topic because that show me they don't have a problem about writing about other things, they wont have to just talk about one thing all the time.

when the question came up in class about my space being invade. No because I will wont more people to take time on of there on blogs to just go around to different people blog to write about what ever there topic is on. that is just me and my opinion because a lot of people will not someone else writing on their blog.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Guest Blogging Experiment

Danielle and I have been friends going on for 3 years. We can talk about anything. I just relate to her and she relates to me. I just had her over for dinner today. We normally meet about once a week for dinner at each other’s houses. We met at our job. We got hired on the same day and we had orientation together and we had training together. I remember those days just like it was yesterday. She is one of those people that will tell you how she feels. That’s why we became good friends. She has a big mouth and I guess that rubbed off on me. I kind of used to be shy and she made me express my self not shy to talk to others. We don’t work at the same job anymore, but you better believe that we have dinner once a week. Never miss it.

The funny thing is that friends can come in many different ways. I didn’t know how to act around her because I thought if I said something she would take it the wrong way. She knows how I am and I know how she is. The only reason why I was scared of what I say around her was because she is black and I am white. That’s what’s so great about this country we can be friends to who ever we want; no matter the color of their skin. That’s why America is so great. Just because the skin color is different doesn’t mean that they don’t like the same things that you like or the same things that you don’t like. I would do anything for her and she would do anything for me. I guess that’s why we get along so good. She’s just a great friend; I think to myself what would I do with out her