Friday, March 13, 2009

Last w33k

well I guess I was not I could feel different about some one else writing on my blog and my topic because everyone has a friend that they want to tell people about and it was okay to me when someone else wrote about there friend on my blog.

I had to write on somebody else blog. it was fun to me because I know what to write about because I an OSU Student myself. I would like if more people would write about my blog topic because that show me they don't have a problem about writing about other things, they wont have to just talk about one thing all the time.

when the question came up in class about my space being invade. No because I will wont more people to take time on of there on blogs to just go around to different people blog to write about what ever there topic is on. that is just me and my opinion because a lot of people will not someone else writing on their blog.


  1. everybody does have a friend, and i think its good if they talk about them i feel that you get to know a person better by knowing the people close to them like a best friend

  2. Yea, I thought it was fun also. It was a good thing to have people read over your blogs, and almost write about your topic. It gave a differnt view on the way people feel.

  3. I had to wrie on your blog. I thought it would be easy ,but i wanted to pick the best story. I thought this story that i choose to write about was very different because we came from different places and it doesn't matter what the color of your skin is because you can be friends with who ever you want. I like this topic that you choose to write about. I enjoyed writing about it. For your topic it's good for people to have different storys it makes your topic more interesting.

  4. Well it was easy for me to discover who you wrote your's for because I know how you write. I guess its something I have grown to over time because I'm so used to helping you out with your work! Great blog by the way (for Christian)