Thursday, January 29, 2009

the weekend that i had with one of my guy friends

it was Saturday afternoon when i went to go get my friend BJ. he live in Columbus. i went by myself my first time ever driving my car by myself with no one in the car with me. ti was kind of scary but i had to learn how to drive by myself one why not start now.

well we got back to my place safe and sound.. so we was setting at the house with leanne and ashley trying to find out what we was bout to do for the night.. so we got up and drove around to the mall window shopping. we went back home for a few hours and then we went bowling we tried to get the people down the street from us to go but they was acting funny so we just went by our self. we had fun the restof the night..until we went to this party, every body was in there drinkin but BJ went my to far when he got drunk. he was making me mad. he was to gone.. so we went home after the party but my big borther want us to come over to his house and chill out for the rest of the night but all because BJ was so drunk i was not leaving him at my place by himself.

i could not wait to get him back to columbus.. if you are going to be my friend please tell me that you are a drunk because if i have to find out on mu own i will be so mad at you.. so i got up around 10 in the morning to take him home we driving and he breaks leannes mp3 player that made me even more mad at him. i drop him off and have not talk to him ever since last Sunday.

it not that i do not want to talk to him it is that he made me so mad at him so i am giving him some time to think about what he had done to me.. me and lee,lil bit got back home and lee had to tell me some more stuff about what BJ was talking about me the her and said that i was grimme because i did not want o take him to the party but when i call my big borther i want to go.. i don't think i did anything worng for that. lee treid to tell him it was more to it then me not wanting to go with out Don to the party.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


last weekend me and my girls had a girls nite out, but it really was not a girls nite out because melle's baby dad came with us so it was more like us hanging but john therewith us. it was cool because john is a cool person. we all went to the movies to go see My Bloody Valentine in 3d. it was a scary movie but it had it funny parts to it. we had fun that nite. after the movies we all went back to melle's house with out john.

We went back home and chill out all nite watching more moives that we had got from Wal- mart early that day. we all stayed out but i was to frist one who went to bed first. the next morning leanne got this dumb ideal for everybody to get the kids i had my nicce and leanne had her nephew, ash had her god daugther, and melle had her son. the ages ranged from 4 month to 3 years old. this was a bad ideal rigth. but we all had a good time. we bring the kids back to newark to are apartment. they ran throght the house like we was at the park or something.

this is what ture friendship means when yall rea hanging out just having fun with one another. taking time out to also be with are love ones. this weekend i don't plan on geting any kids because it is all about me this weekend doing grown people business.

Friday, January 16, 2009

how i became friends with my 4 friends now (GIRLS)

when i first meet the 4 girls that i really hang out with now today. the first week of high school i meet this girl name lee she is the really nice girl that i though we would have something in common with. me and lee was in the same class through out the whole high school. me and lee was hanging out all the time up to this day we still hang out. how me and lee became friends we was hanging out with some other girls who we though was there for us but not really. my friendship with lee is very amazing we share this bond that no one else has between us.

Ashley is another person who i have a real good relationship between us. we hang out almost all the time we basically hang out every day many people might think we don't give each other space but at the same time we is not up under one another all the time she has here days and i have my days. to me are friendship between one another is the best because we been through a lot together my sister is what i would call her.

Melle that is my girl for real she is so goofy she is the one that if i want to laugh i would call her up on the phone. me and Melle has been good friends ever since grade school. so we take it way back in the days. this is what u call real good friends. i am not say we don't have are days because we do. she is my girl.

LILI the same thing goes for her me and here has been good friends since grade school so we know each other well. even those we don't see eye to eye right now that is still my girl...

all four of these girl are every special to me because we all have this bond between us. i think we have a good friendship if one of us have a problem we all come together and find out how we can deal with are problem as one like you know how sister do..

these girls are really apart of my family for life.. i know we all ways have are days but we can get through them with each of us by each others side.

Friday, January 9, 2009

over the next ten weeks!!!!!

Hey this is Miss Diva an i am blogging about Friendships. See what i mean about friendships is the different between my friendships with boys and my friendships with girls. To tell every one that there is a different between both. I have had i alot of frienships with different human beigns such as males and females. over the next ten weeks you will here how i can bave different friendships with different gender.

My friendships between women is so much different from men. see i have 4 different girls who i hang out with. The different between them is all of them do act the same thats why we are friends. I have 4 different feelings for them all!!!! Okay my girls that i hang out with i love them to death.. so over the next ten weeks you will hear me talking aboput them all the time...

My friendships between men is so much different from the 4 main girls that i hang out with. See when i talk to men over the phone it is totally different from girl time over the phone! we talk about hooking up dating or even just being real good friends. I think i can relate to mans better than women. I don't know why but i do. More times i like to be around man then women most of the times.

Okay and also why I chose to writh about friendships is because i feel you need to have more then just one friendships with different people!! why write about men in a friendships topics with women because have males as friends is great because you can always ask them about different thing then what you can ask your girl friends.