Friday, February 27, 2009

new life

well i know this dont have any thing to do with my blog topic but i just thought i would say that i thought about giving up on my old life and make plans to make a new life.. im not saying that i will leave everybody behind but some people i will the most importan people i will keep around.. i just got to the point that i nned to change my life.. its just not going the way i want it to go. see everyone is always making me realize that i will never be happy if i dont do any thing to make my life just right for me.

me and my girls will always be close but it time for me to let everyone do them and i do me.. i just got to this point that know one cares for me as i think they do.. im not sayin they care dont care it is the vibe that they show to me sum time.. that make me feel this way..

like every friendship we go through are little prblems!! who dont? if you dont have problem in your friendship i give it up to yall!! becuase i feel that i have them days were i need to be bye myself some times!! my girls are always there for me but i just dont know how to tell them that i need to go my own way now.. i have them days where i just want to up and leave..
as far back as i could remember every time i have a problem i will up and run from it.. i just need to talk to them and let them know how i feel!! I THINK THAT WILL BE FOR THE BEST!! NEW LIFE

Friday, February 20, 2009


This blog is "Broadway Bound" Heather a classmate of mine wrote a few days ago. See my teacher told us to go off topic for this blog and i chose Heather's "Broadway Bound" because she when i was young i use to go see show being played at the Vets. Memorial in downtown Columbus. one year when i was young i remember my school took a field trip to go see CATS.
It was a nice show to see, like Heather said "I know to most people, performers dressed as cats, crawling, jumping, acting as cats would do in every day life might seem silly, but really it was a well based story line!" when i went to see this i was thinking the same thing like why i am i really paid to see this show any ways i could of had stayed home for all this; but in the end it turned out to be a good show it will go back it see it again if it ever come back to Columbus..

Heather also talks about how her and her sister would take small vacation to New York just to see a show. that is lovely because you can have the whole family thing going on.. One day i will go to New York to see a musical performance but not right now.. i know New York is some place where all the Performance happened at.

she also talks about how she sometimes have to keep nudging her dad just keep him away and he also some time stay awake from the loud music playing in the back ground.that's funny ha ha!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


As everyone knew that last weekend was Valentine day; well i did not have a date so i just mostly hung out with my girl Leanne she was with me all day long and I thank her for that..even though she had two guys who want her to spend time with them she stayed with me...

Well here is how are day started. she got much early then me because she kept getting phone calls from a lot of people.. i woke up around 11am chilled around the house for a few hours watching t.v. then LEE came into the front room telling me how her friend keep calling her on some fuck shit that she did not want to hear at all.. After that i started to flat iron my hair so i can at lease look cute for that day.. we decided to go to the movies to see Friday the 13th.. while we was buying our tickets we ran into another one of are friend and her family it we good because it was like the old days when we had girls night out... the movie was so good Jason did some things that u would nerve known that he had ever did before..

after the movies i drop Ashley off at home( her moms). me and Leanna did not ave any thing to do because we had to wait on Joe who was riding back to Newark with us so Leanna called up one of her friends and he ask her if she could meet her some where.. they met up he got her some goody if u know what i mean.. while they was in the car behind me i was stuck in the car all alone no one to talk to no nothing..

We went to get Joe and came home at like 2 in the morning.. even though i did not have a date for that night i still had fu with my girls.. you dig!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top 08 reason for what makes a good friend

  1. Honest- some one who will not stabb you in the back.. some one who will have your back through thick in thin.. down for what ever..

  2. trusth-some one who you can trusth with your life(thats just me)..

  3. respectful-that is going to respect you as a person and someone who will alway no matter what be down for just about any thing

  4. be real- that person has to be real all the time.. some one is nasty towards me will never have a place n my life.. i want some who friendship will go to the end of the world and back with me.

  5. love to party- me i love to party and have fun... a good friend would love to do the same with me.. some one who will love to go to the clubs, party not some one who always want to sit a home all the time

  6. not judgmental- someone who will not be some judgmental all the time. someone will not care how u look.. how u act.. or care where u come from

  7. great advice give-like someone who will alway be there for me when i really need them the most. if i am going through ruff times i will need them the most.

  8. loyal-someone who will never lay to me.. someone who will alway tell me if some thing is wrong with the way i be acting..

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Day of Fun (ZOOMBEZI BAY)

What does it mean to have true friends? See I have this relationship with 4 special girls that I have known for a long time now. These girls mean a lot to me, being friends with these girl had made me realize that you only get a once in a life time friend, But for me I got 4 of them. We got this bond that I think know one got like us. See I would do anything for these girls. I would go to the end of the world for them.

Leanne, Ashley, Carmelle, and Jalisa have been there for me when I have a problem. I know if would to do some dumb thing they would come to help me out at anytime. I would do the same for them. We are always having fun together, when I live in back in Columbus we would go out on the town and just hang. But it was this one day back in the summer where we all needed a break from work and just kick back an have fun. I really don’t know who came up with this day of fun but it was great though.

It was back in July of 2008 I had been working all summer long and hard to. All I know was that I need to get away from everything and plus I had not seen my girls since everyone’s Graduation parties. So it was a Wednesday when I got the call from Ashley and she told me that everyone was going to
Zoombezi bay on Saturday. I was like okay well I don’t have to work that day so it was cool.

As the week went on and Friday came I got off of work went home rest for a little while then I meet Ashley, Carmelle and Jalisa up at Grant hospital because that was where they was working over the summer. When I got there I had to wait for them to get off of work because I was early.

So they got off at around 3pm and then me, Jalisa and Carmelle went to the bank while Ashley went off to her boyfriend house. After the bank Carmelle call John (her baby daddy) to come get us so we can go to Town n Country because Jalisa had lost of drivers license like the week before so she had to go get a new one. After that we went to Jalisa house where I stab myself in the foot with a bobby pin. That was funny.

Melle call john to take us to Kroger on Main Street. On our way to Kroger’s melle, john, lili and some other dude that john had in the car with him was fight on the way to the place. We also went to Wal-Mart to find swim suites. After that we all went different ways. The next day Leanne came to get me from my house we went back to her place and hung out there for a while waiting on the rest of the crew to get there.
They got to Leanne house around 1pm in the afternoon we suppose to be at the park about that time but they wanted to take all day to come to Leanne’s house. But we still had other places to go too. Jalisa they only one who bring a date with her. Her no good of a boyfriend who got mad at her on the way her and plus stayed mad at her the whole time. He was making everyone else mad too.

We had fun with all the thing s was going on though. This day I wound never forget for nothing. That day I had the time of my life just because I was around the people I love very much. My girls are a part of my family now. I did not want that day to ever end, but it had to because Ashley skin started to lump up and she call her mom and her told her that she need to go to the hospital right away. Lucky it was nothing that bad because she is her with us today.

When we had to leave I did not want to go for nothing because I know I would not see my girls any way soon after that and I did not see them. The next time I seen them was we came together to found us a place to live down in Newark.

In conclusion real friends are hard to find. So I am glad I found them while I am still young we can grow old together. I had fun a lot with them girl they brighten up my day every time I am around them. That day I would never forget this is something I would always look back on and just say wow we really had fun on that day. I hope they do not forget it neither.