Friday, February 20, 2009


This blog is "Broadway Bound" Heather a classmate of mine wrote a few days ago. See my teacher told us to go off topic for this blog and i chose Heather's "Broadway Bound" because she when i was young i use to go see show being played at the Vets. Memorial in downtown Columbus. one year when i was young i remember my school took a field trip to go see CATS.
It was a nice show to see, like Heather said "I know to most people, performers dressed as cats, crawling, jumping, acting as cats would do in every day life might seem silly, but really it was a well based story line!" when i went to see this i was thinking the same thing like why i am i really paid to see this show any ways i could of had stayed home for all this; but in the end it turned out to be a good show it will go back it see it again if it ever come back to Columbus..

Heather also talks about how her and her sister would take small vacation to New York just to see a show. that is lovely because you can have the whole family thing going on.. One day i will go to New York to see a musical performance but not right now.. i know New York is some place where all the Performance happened at.

she also talks about how she sometimes have to keep nudging her dad just keep him away and he also some time stay awake from the loud music playing in the back ground.that's funny ha ha!!!


  1. I think it would be really fun to watch a broadway show. I dont think i have ever seen one, mabe inless at school i did. I think i seen the nutcracker.

  2. yeah, i've always wanted to go see a performance like that. tried talkin my mom in to going and seeing the lion king on stage.

  3. Hey, I REALLY like your post for this week!!! I always enjoy watching and performing in shows!!

  4. Nice post! I have always loved to dance. And would rather enjoy watching broadway.

  5. During Thanksgiving I always go with my friend and her family to see A Christmas Carol, and it pretty much officially starts my holiday season. Live theatre is great and I'm glad you like it. Lots of people are creeped out by the show Cats, but you're right--there is a plot there! And when Grizabella sings--it's so sad! The Lion King came last summer and if it ever comes THAT would be a show.