Friday, February 27, 2009

new life

well i know this dont have any thing to do with my blog topic but i just thought i would say that i thought about giving up on my old life and make plans to make a new life.. im not saying that i will leave everybody behind but some people i will the most importan people i will keep around.. i just got to the point that i nned to change my life.. its just not going the way i want it to go. see everyone is always making me realize that i will never be happy if i dont do any thing to make my life just right for me.

me and my girls will always be close but it time for me to let everyone do them and i do me.. i just got to this point that know one cares for me as i think they do.. im not sayin they care dont care it is the vibe that they show to me sum time.. that make me feel this way..

like every friendship we go through are little prblems!! who dont? if you dont have problem in your friendship i give it up to yall!! becuase i feel that i have them days were i need to be bye myself some times!! my girls are always there for me but i just dont know how to tell them that i need to go my own way now.. i have them days where i just want to up and leave..
as far back as i could remember every time i have a problem i will up and run from it.. i just need to talk to them and let them know how i feel!! I THINK THAT WILL BE FOR THE BEST!! NEW LIFE


  1. Well it is great that you want to improve your life. You will learn who cares and don't in time, because it will show some how. It is always not good to run from your problems, so your doing a good thing.

  2. Only you know what is best for you! I hope that you figure out what makes you happy! It is great that you want to change and improve your life!

  3. that's good that you want to make your life better. That's how i felted about my family. Some people in my family it feels like they hold be back saying i don't need to make my life better and they compare their life to how good it is. Yea right. That makes me laugh. It just makes me realize not to be like them and that when i think my life is bad then i look at their life. I think that this makes me a better person that i know what i want my life not to be and i know that my life is going to improve much more. I know that if you have a goal you can make it. Just stick with it