Tuesday, May 5, 2009

man what would i do in,life if i did have them in it!!

man what would my life be like if i did not have the ones who love me the most around! i think i would be a lose soul at in this world trying to get by! see im a full time college student rite now i have no job no income cuming in for me! so basically im livin off of my financial aid money for the time until i can find a job but how would that last! i go out all the time i eat out like mostly everyday!! man if the ones who say they love me was noot around i dont know what i would do! life is so hard rite now! i have a car bill rent and alot the other fun bills that cum with u livin on your on! it not like i pay for everything buy mii self i do have roomate mii closetes firends! we do everything together! when u c one u r most likely to c the other two! man what would i do with out them! in mii life i love them so much! if i dont call my mom to tell her everyday that i love her which by the way i dont! i need to ! i really think GOD is tryin to teach me sum thing bout life because i laway thought life was going to be so mush fun with been aorund my mother which it is im not going to lie bout that but when times get hard who do yall think i run to not mommy mii fiends! thats what they r there for when u need then they will b there for u!! if u got sum like i do! but im out! stayin bless everyday! livin one day at a time!!

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